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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code, and have been proudly doing so since 1994.

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At Lattin Law Offices Chartered, you’ll find professional assistance for bankruptcy filing under 2 classifications of property and 3 classifications of debt. The outcome depends on the type of property involved, the type of debt accumulated, and the client’s gross income. Contact us to get started on your case!

In general, bankruptcy allows you to keep certain exempt personal and real property, subject to the liens of your secured creditors. Any equity in your non-exempt property of value will go to the benefit of

unsecured creditors.


In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a trustee is appointed to take over the equity of your non-exempt property. The results are different with Chapter 13.


Here are some quick facts about Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy information

If you choose to reorganize and restructure under Chapter 13, not all debt can be removed. A portion of the attorney’s fees may be included in the repayment plan.


Here are some reasons why Chapter 13 may be your best option:

Chapter 13 advantages

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Bankruptcy resources

Take advantage of these resources on bankruptcy filing:

  • Also known as straight bankruptcy

  • Most debts are eliminated

  • However, not all debt can be eradicated

  • Your income is higher than the median

  • Good terms to pay priority debts: student loans, income and property taxes, and child and spousal support

  • Allows you to pay down debts

  • Stop foreclosures by paying arrearage through the plan.

  • Tax debt relief on older tax liability – stops IRS collection

  • Lowers car payments on loans more than 2.5 years old